Lighter Bamboo Toothpick

Lighter Bamboo Toothpick

Lighter Bamboo Toothpick: Yellow lighter shape, creative bamboo toothpick, portable use, supermarket hotel household wholesale.

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Lighter Bamboo Toothpick

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Yellow lighter shape, creative bamboo toothpick, portable use, supermarket hotel household wholesale. Use bamboo toothpick carefully

1. It's very easy for people to stuff their teeth when they eat or eat. At this time, toothpick became an indispensable tool. In addition to removing the food between teeth, toothpick can also remove dental plaque and soft dirt, especially the plaque on the adjacent surface. Correct use of toothpick can be used as a supplement to brush teeth every day, which is conducive to dental health care; Incorrect use of toothpick will make the gap between teeth larger, but also more likely to breed soft dirt, leading to tooth decay.

2. The toothpick is hard, smooth, without burr, and the tip is slightly thin.

3. Slide slowly along the two tooth surfaces of each crevice. The force should not be too fast or too strong. The side of the toothpick should be close to the tooth surface and scrape for several times. Finally, gargle, once a day or after each meal.

4. Toothpick is an essential product for some middle-aged and elderly people after meals. However, if it is not used properly, it will cause gingivitis and toothpick is best used when there is a gap between teeth. If the gingival papilla is normal, toothpick is only used in the gingival sulcus, because it will make the gap between the teeth that have no gap, and the food is more likely to be embedded. Then toothpick is used to remove the food, It has become a vicious circle, increasing the gap between teeth and shrinking the gingival papilla, which not only causes periodontal disease, but also affects the appearance and function.

5. Use the right method. Some people are eager to get rid of the dentures and pick up whatever they want, such as knives, matchsticks, tacks, hairpins and so on, causing more serious dentures.          

Product number LY-TP-08 Custom design Accept
Specification 6.3cm Material Bamboo
Packaging 50-80pcs/pot Packing specification 1.3*2.7*7.5cm
Colour Bamboo color Origin FUJIAN
Degradable YES Disposable goods YES
Notice There is error in measurement, which is subject to the actual object.

Lighter Shape Yellow Bamboo Toothpick Lighter Shape Yellow Bamboo Toothpick

Bamboo toothpick
Toothpick, also known as "chewing Poplar" or "chewing poplar branch" in ancient times. Bamboo toothpick is a kind of bamboo product made of high quality bamboo.
Toothpicks are made of high-quality bamboo wood. Besides the food residue which is inserted into the teeth, plaque and scale can be removed effectively. In addition, correct use of toothpicks can be used as a supplement to brushing teeth every day, which helps us to better protect our teeth.

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