What are the toys made of bamboo

- 2022-05-18-

1. Bamboo dragonfly is one of the traditional Chinese folk children's toys, which is widely spread. The bamboo dragonfly consists of two parts. One is the bamboo handle. The second is "wings". When playing, rub your hands together and loosen your hands, and the bamboo dragonfly will fly into the sky.
2. The composition of the bird toy: bamboo structure, plastic wings, plastic parts, fixed size steel wire and rubber band. The product structure conforms to the principle of flight science. The elastic force provided by the rubber band is used as the driving force to drive the two wings of the bird toy to swing up and down at the same time, thereby imitating the flight posture of birds.
3. Bamboo spinning top is made of bamboo, because it is hollow and has small holes on the bamboo tube. When it is turned, it will make a buzzing sound. .
4. Bi-bang is also called bamboo gun and paper cannon. It is a toy made of a piece of bamboo about 20 cm long and using the principle of air pressure. When the bamboo cannon is fired, it makes a "pop" sound, and the marbles are fired like bullets.

5. Kites use bamboo as the skeleton and paper as the meat. Other composite materials include silk, nylon cloth, plastic film or bamboo strips, gauze paper strips, horse-drawn paper, etc. Can be compiled into dragonfly-shaped, butterfly-shaped, etc. according to personal preferences.