Pink Bamboo Toothpick

Pink Bamboo Toothpick

Lipstick Tube Shape Pink Bamboo Toothpick: Lipstick square tube shape, pink bottled bamboo toothpicks, supermarket hotel household wholesale.

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Lipstick Tube Shape Pink Bamboo Toothpick

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Lipstick square tube shape, pink bottled bamboo toothpicks, supermarket hotel household wholesale. 

A toothpick disease enters by the mouth. It may hide tens of thousands of bacteria and easily enter the mouth, such as hepatitis B, tuberculosis and other diseases. As of 2012, the China Consumer Association issued a consumer warning that many toothpicks in domestic restaurants are "three no" products, while the state has not yet formulated relevant standards for toothpicks. Therefore, consumers should choose only one toothpick at a time and break it after use to prevent secondary pollution and throw it away after use.

It is understood that toothpick safety problems can occur in two stages. First, in the production stage, due to the low technology content of toothpick production, most of the producers are family workshops, and the quality is difficult to guarantee; Second, in the process of use due to improper preservation, may cause secondary pollution. According to the laboratory test of the health department, safety precautions:

1. Many people have the habit of picking teeth with toothpicks after meals. However, the wrong way of picking teeth or picking teeth every day for no reason will make the gap between the teeth bigger and bigger, and will damage the gums. On the contrary, it can not protect the teeth.

2. The toothpick head is sharp, so pay attention to safety when using, and do not puncture the gum or other parts of the mouth. Another point of special attention is that toothpicks should be placed in a suitable place. If there is a child in the family, if he is not careful to take them and put them in his mouth, he may stab the child. If it is serious, he will fall into his stomach, and the consequences will be more serious. Therefore, we should pay attention to the correct position of toothpick.

3. Toothpick can't be used often, it will widen the gap between teeth and make you use toothpick more times.

4. Don't often carry toothpicks in your mouth. According to Jinan stomatological hospital, a consumer accidentally swallowed toothpicks in his mouth and pierced his small intestine. After emergency surgery, he was taken out of his body and nearly lost his life. This hospital has treated many similar patients.

Product number LY-TP-09 Custom design Accept
Specification 6.3cm Material Bamboo
Packaging 50-80pcs/pot Packing specification 2*2.3*8.4cm
Colour Bamboo color Origin FUJIAN
Degradable YES Disposable goods YES
Notice There is error in measurement, which is subject to the actual object.

Lipstick Tube Shape Pink Bamboo Toothpick Lipstick Tube Shape Pink Bamboo Toothpick

Bamboo toothpick
Toothpick, also known as "chewing Poplar" or "chewing poplar branch" in ancient times. Bamboo toothpick is a kind of bamboo product made of high quality bamboo.
Toothpicks are made of high-quality bamboo wood. Besides the food residue which is inserted into the teeth, plaque and scale can be removed effectively. In addition, correct use of toothpicks can be used as a supplement to brushing teeth every day, which helps us to better protect our teeth.

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