Square Box Dental Flossers

Square Box Dental Flossers

Square Box Dental Flossers: Box disposable dental flossers, daily oral care and clean,hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, household dental flossers wholesale.

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Square Box Dental Flossers

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Box disposable dental flossers, daily oral care and clean,hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, household dental flossers wholesale.

The appearance of dental floss in the market can be called a new revolution in the way of cleaning teeth. Thousands of people benefit greatly from it, relieving the trouble of dental diseases, maintaining periodontal health, and reducing other diseases caused by dental diseases. Dental floss has been widely used in developed countries, and it is an indispensable necessity for people to travel at home. Self cleaning of teeth with dental floss after meals, just like washing hands before meals and gargling after meals, has become an indispensable procedure in daily life.

Dental floss and heart, it seems that the wind horse cattle do not match, the fact is not the case. Dental disease is no less harmful to the heart than high blood lipids, the Daily Mail reported on November 6. Flossing can prevent oral diseases and greatly reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. For this reason, American aging expert Michael Roy even pointed out that the daily use of dental floss can make you live an extra 6.4 years. Clinically, people with frequent pulpitis and periodontitis also have a higher incidence rate of heart disease. This is because infection of pulp and periodontal tissue can cause bacterial toxins to enter the circulatory system and eventually "implicate" your heart.

Compared with dental floss, because the toothpick is thicker, it can't go deep into the teeth, so the cleaning effect is greatly reduced. Dental floss can effectively remove the residue in the teeth and plaque on the adjacent surface of teeth. Unfortunately, Chinese people seldom floss.

Product number LY-F-03 Custom design Accept
Specification 7.5cm Origin FUJIAN
Packaging 20-50pcs/box Packing specification 8*5.6*2.8cm
Colour white Disposable goods YES
Degradable YES Notice There is error in measurement, which is subject to the actual object.

Square Box Dental Flossers Square Box Dental Flossers

Dental floss
Dental floss is to use nylon, silk or polyester floss to clean the dental plaque on the adjacent surface of teeth, which is very effective, especially for flat or convex surfaces. Pull down a piece of dental floss about 25cm, make a coil on both ends of the floss, or take a piece of dental floss about 33cm, wind the two ends of the floss around the two middle fingers, and pass the floss through the contact point with the right and left fingers.

The distance between the two fingers is about 1-1.5cm. When there is a tight but passable feeling, you can do the back and forth sawing action, through the contact point, gently reach the tooth surface under the contact point, and at the same time, put the dental floss on the gingival sulcus bottom to clean the gingival sulcus area, pay attention not to press into the deep tissue below the gingival sulcus.

Disposable dental flossers
Dental floss, also known as floss stick, is a product used in daily oral care with toothbrush. Before floss sticks, people used floss to achieve the same effect. Compared with dental floss, dental floss stick is more convenient, efficient, safe and hygienic.

Toothbrush can only brush 70% of the surface of the teeth. Dental floss makes up for the shortcomings of toothbrush. It is a household tooth protection product widely used in Europe and America. This product can be used as toothpick and dental floss. Smooth curved dental floss head design, 2kg tensile dental floss to protect the gums, remove dental plaque, soft dirt, food residues. There are anti-skid ribs or various anti-skid textures in the middle of the toothpick. The toothpick head is flat, such as knife shape, which is more conducive to inserting into the teeth. It can be bent into a 45 degree angle, which is conducive to removing food debris that can not be touched by ordinary toothpicks.

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