Transparent Bamboo Toothpick

Transparent Bamboo Toothpick

Transparent Bamboo Toothpick: Bouble pointed, transparent bottled bamboo toothpicks, supermarket hotel household wholesale.

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Transparent Bamboo Toothpick

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Bouble pointed, transparent bottled bamboo toothpicks, supermarket hotel household wholesale.

Many people have the habit of picking their teeth after meals. In fact, orderly arrangement of healthy teeth is generally not easy to impact food, and often use bad toothpicks or improper use of toothpicks, tooth removal will also damage teeth and gums, resulting in gingival atrophy, root exposure, tooth gap widening, causing oral bacterial infection. The wider the gap between the teeth, the easier the food residue can be embedded, forming a vicious circle, that is, as the saying goes, "the thinner the teeth are.". So how about picking your teeth with a toothpick? In our opinion, as long as it is used correctly and properly, tooth picking is beneficial and harmless.

Try not to pick your teeth in public. When you need to pick your teeth, you should first prepare a piece of paper, and then cover your mouth with the other hand. Don't watch in public or enter it again. Don't flick or spit at will. Wrap the paper towel prepared before picking your teeth and throw it into the garbage can or next to the dining table. After picking teeth, don't hold toothpick in your mouth, and don't use it to pick up food.

Do not use too much force or slide too fast.

The specific method of correct tooth picking is: slowly put the toothpick into the bottom of gingival sulcus along the tooth surface, and then gently push out the food residue to the lingual side. The action must be gentle, so as not to damage the periodontal tissue. It is best to gargle 15-20 minutes after eating. When gargling, after closing the mouth, use a certain force to stir the cheek to make the gargle flow back and forth through the crevices of the teeth, and wash the food residue and other attachments out of the impaction. If you can't rinse out the food residue embedded in the teeth, you can use a toothbrush, or use a handkerchief or towel to hold the food embedded part and gently wipe it to make the food residue get rid of the embedded part, which can not only promote the metabolism of teeth and related tissues, but also have the effect of strengthening teeth and gums.

Product number LY-TP-07 Custom design Accept
Specification 6.3cm Material Bamboo
Packaging 200-300pcs/pot Packing specification 4.8*4.8*6.8cm
Colour Bamboo color Origin FUJIAN
Degradable YES Disposable goods YES
Notice There is error in measurement, which is subject to the actual object.

Transparent Cylinder Bamboo Toothpick-2 Transparent Cylinder Bamboo Toothpick-2

Bamboo toothpick
Toothpick, also known as "chewing Poplar" or "chewing poplar branch" in ancient times. Bamboo toothpick is a kind of bamboo product made of high quality bamboo.
Toothpicks are made of high-quality bamboo wood. Besides the food residue which is inserted into the teeth, plaque and scale can be removed effectively. In addition, correct use of toothpicks can be used as a supplement to brushing teeth every day, which helps us to better protect our teeth.

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